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How Can We Help? 

We are here to help you with whatever journey you are on. Our team of experienced professionals are here to help coordinate care, provide counseling and support, educate, and connect our families with outside referrals and resources. 


Pregnancy Support

We provide birth parents with pregnancy support, education, and counseling on the adoption process. Our team of compassionate professionals are here to support you in whatever decision you make for you and your child. If you decide to make an adoption plan, we will support you in making the plan to ensure your needs and desires are prioritized. We will continue to support you after the baby is delivered by facilitating contact with your child and their adoptive family and connecting you to postpartum counseling and other resources. If you decide to parent we will help connect you with community partners that will help with your success.


Infant Adoption Program

We operate a full service domestic infant adoption program for families in the state of Alaska. Our workshop is the first step towards building your family through our services. We provide the home study, we help your family create a professional profile to show to birth families, and we facilitate all the contact between adoptive and birth families. Check out when our next workshop is to get started on your journey.


Al a Carte Services

Maybe you are pursuing a private adoption or working with an agency outside of Alaska. We are here to support you in any way you need. Our agency can provide a home study, post placement assessments, case management, resources and referrals as needed for your adoption journey.


Home Studies

A home study is a very thorough assessment of your home and family that includes the history of all members of the household, fingerprinting and background checks, a financial history for your family, mental health and physical health history and an assessment of the family’s readiness for adoption. The adoption home study process generally takes two to three months to complete.

 Post-Placement Support

Post Placement Assessments are done once a child is placed in your home. It consists of home visits from an agency staff member one month, three months and five months after a placement. The report will cover how the baby and the family is adjusting and any concerns that have come up along the way. These reports are then provided to the court when it is time to finalize the adoption. 

Case Management

When adopting through a different agency or adopting privately, we offer case management services to help local families work through various aspects of their adoption. Some of these services include: mediation between adoptive and birth families; counseling and support for local birth families and adoptive families; regular telephonic and/or email updates regarding the adoption; matching through discussion of suitability of placement of particular child(ren) in and out-of-state with families; faxing, scanning, and/or emailing portfolios and home studies in response to inquiries made by families; liaison work with agencies; work with team members during inquiry process; facilitation of, and/or participation in, full disclosure meetings; facilitation of, and/or participation in, transition planning meetings; and Interstate Compact paperwork submission for approval of interstate placements.


 WONDERING about more ways we can help?